Conditions of use




Article 1

The general terms and conditions for the use of reservation system Vehicle Rent and reservation system Car Target establishes the rights and obligations of users and the company Modicus Ltd. as the agent, as well as terms and conditions for the use of reservation systems.

The issuer of these general terms and conditions is the company Modicus Ltd., Erjavčeva ulica 10,
1234 Mengeš - Slovenia, registered at the district court in Ljubljana, under the registration number 2011/17948, tax ID number 71826238, registration number: 3972542, web address:,


Article 2

The terms in these General Terms and Conditions carry the meaning:

General terms and conditions: are always valid general terms and conditions for using the reservation system Vehicle Rent and reservation system Car Target

User: any individual or legal entity using Vehicle Rent reservation system or Car Target reservation system

Agent: company Modicus Ltd. which is the owner and manager of Vehicle Rent and Car Target reservation systems

Reservation system: Vehicle Rent and Car Target reservation systems, which enable the user to make car rental reservation through a web application

Car rental service providers: companies, which under previously defined conditions offer car rental through Vehicle Rent and Car Target reservation system


Article 3

The user making use of the reservation system agrees that he/she is familiar with all provisions of these general terms and conditions, that he/she is in full agreement with their content and that the provisions of the general terms and conditions bind him/her to the same degree as contractual terms.

The consent of the user is extended to the use of any other web page tabs which are accessed through the reservation system.

Disagreement with the content of general terms and conditions can be expressed by the user only in the case they cease to use the system immediately after visiting the reservation system; otherwise it is considered that they agree with the content.

The users agree to receive promotional messages by the agent on their e-mail address.
The user may revoke consent under this paragraph at any time and inform the agent through the e-mail address

Article 4

The user is informed:



Article 5

The user is informed and agrees

Article 6

The user is informed and agrees with the fact that the user data security while processing the credit card is taken care of by PayPoint, which enable adequate protection.


Article 7

The user agrees that



Article 8

The user agrees that:



Article 9

All information and data within the reservation system, including all content, text, graphics, images, trademarks, site structure, photographs, buttons, graphic images and computer code are copyrighted and available only for your private use. It is prohibited to modify, reproduce or distribute them.

The reservation system can only be used for private and not for commercial purposes unless given express written consent by the agent.



Article 10

The user agrees and binds himself / herself:

Article 11

The agent agrees and binds himself / herself:



Article 12

The user is informed that the execution and payment of the reservation through the reservation system can be done in two ways:

The method of payment for reservation depends on the location and / or selected car rental service provider.

If any payment is required prior to the completion of the reservation process, the reservation system shall notice the user.  In such an event, the user is required to pay the balance to the car rental service provider directly. However, the user is always responsible for the payment of additional services / costs which were requested by the user, and is also responsible for all other costs related to vehicle renting or vehicle lessor.

To be able to use the car rental service provided through the reservation system, the user must use a credit card owned by the holder of the reservation.

At the time of booking being made by user, reservation system validates user credit card by processing an authorization of 1 GBP. Actual charge on customer credit card is made at the moment when booking gets confirmed by partner. The charge is being made in reservation system base currency, in GBP (British pound). By accepting these terms and conditions customer agrees that if the amount is displayed in different currency than GBP (British pound) and if user credit card is being processed in any other currency than GBP, due to currency exchange rate, actual amount charged on their credit card may be different from the amount being displayed on the web. Currency exchange rate in reservation system is being refreshed and uploaded once a day from a third party source and may be different from current situation on currency market.

By making a reservation user agrees on that there are sufficient funds on credit card for reservation to be finalized and credit card being charged for amount of the deposit. If the payment gets declined due to insufficient funds on the credit card, agent can cancel the booking without any prior notice.



Article 13

Changes in reservation can be made ​​only through the support application in the reservation system, at which the agent cannot guarantee that the changes will be processed.

Changes cannot be accepted and carried out after the vehicle has already been acquired.
The agent is not obliged to reimburse the money to the user in the event of early completion of car rental service.

Extension of car rental service (a date which is beyond the date framework on the voucher) may only be conducted with a selected car rental service provider who shall also account for the extension.



Article 14

In the name of a selected car rental service provider, the reservation system will issue a confirmation for each reservation, whereby the agent does not bind itself that the confirmation shall include information on the costs of additional services, local charges and costs charged by the service provider, or on additional services the user may request directly at the time of vehicle acquisition.

The agent recommends that the user checks any information regarding reservations (country, location, rental period). Noting discrepancies, the user must immediately perform changes through the reservation system, or through the agent’s client center where the user must provide correct contact detail changes or other corrections.

The agent recommends that the user reads and reviews all rental terms and conditions of car rental service provider (available in the second step of reservation process in the reservation system, when selecting vehicle type, which may occasionally change without prior notice).

Car rental service provider will execute the user’s reservation only upon receiving confirmation of vehicle reservation. The reservation number, obtained by the user upon confirming reservation serves as a reference number for all further communication with the agent (questions, reservation changes, cancellation).


Article 15

In case of reservation cancellation performed by the user in the manner prescribed, within more than 48 hours before the vehicle acquisition time, the user is entitled to recover all costs of rental service, other than administrative costs (cost of card transaction processing, administrative costs, exchange rate variations and any other costs associated with the reservation process).

In case of cancellation within less than 48 hours before the vehicle acquisition time, the user is not entitled to reimbursement of any rental service costs. In case the car rental service was prepaid in its total amount, the agent shall retain the amount equal to the price of a 3-day rental service and the non-recoverable cost of card transaction processing, cancellation protection and Excess Refund fee.

Cancellation may be effected only through the reservation system and not with the selected car rental service provider.

The cancellation of reservation means that the user is cancelling also any additional services that the user has reserved through the reservation system.

In the event of a cancellation or change in the reservation, the agent shall not be liable for any pecuniary loss resulting from changes in the monetary exchange rate during the time between the original reservation and the subsequent change or cancellation of reservation.



Article 16

The Cancellation Protection is a product that guarantees you a full refund of the deposit made for the vehicle booked with Vehicle Rent (amount paid for the cancellation protection, Excess refound option and for the credit card fee is excluded from the amount being refunded). The cost for Cancellation Protection is 0,80 EUR per day. Cancellation protection covers only a refund of deposit amount paid at the time of the reservation and NOT the amount paid for Excess Refund. In case of no show or non-receipt of the vehicle due to insufficient documentation, we cannot refund any amount.



Article 17

Vehicle Rent Excess Refund Option is an optional product where, when purchased on our web at the time of the reservation being made, you will be reimbursed for excess paid to our partner (rent a car) for any accidental damage made at the time of your rental. You will be also reimbursed for excess paid to our partner in case of theft of rented vehicle.

The Vehicle Rent Refund Option is an optional product that is handled by Vehicle Rent directly and is not a subject of any kind of insurance.

EXCLUSIONS to Vehicle Rent Excess Refund Option:




Article 18

The exchange rate of foreign currencies, which the agent uses to display prices in foreign currencies are constantly updated. Foreign currency exchange rate used by the company managing the user's credit card may vary.

The agent is not responsible for any difference between the indicated price and the amount charged on the user’s credit card as a result of the currency exchange rate used by the company managing the user’s credit card.



Article 19

Every customer is entitled to 5% discount for every booking they make. The discount is calculated already in the price in basic display in first step as well as in any special offer display. In addition customer as registered member of Vehicle Rent Loyalty club can gain additional discount. Every time when customer is logged into Vehicle Rent web site as a member, can gain discount by using discount points that were collected on members account. Every 10 discount points values as 1 EUR discount. Discount points can be collected as follows:

  1. with every finalized booking as a logged in user, user gets points in amount of 1% of selling vehicle price (excluding any extras or additional options)
  2. by writing a review as a logged in user, user collects 15 points
  3. by inviting a friend from users profile, user collects 10 points

Points are being summed up every timeuser collects new points.

Collected discount points can be used by customer only when customer is logged into as a user. Collected discount can be used for any booking made in maximum amount that is different for every car (the maximum amount of discount is based on booking value, car, location, commission...). Every time when user use some discount points, those points are being taken of the total sum of collected points in user account. If user is inactive for more than 1 (one) year, 90 percent of collected points gets erased and 10 percent of points remains on users account.


Article 20

The appeal may be submitted in writing via the website within 8 days from the date of returning the vehicle. An appeal received after this period will not be addressed.

The agent will forward the user appeal in response to the selected car rental vehicle provider. After receiving a reply from the latter, it will be sent to the user for information.


Article 21

The user agrees that in the event of a breach of obligations under Article 10 of the General Terms and Conditions, the agent may, without notice, terminate the contractual relationship with the user. The agent performs the cancellation by notifying the user by e - mail.


Article 22

The agent may change and / or supplement these General Terms and Conditions, on which the user will be informed on the website or on the reservation system.

The user who does not agree with the changes and / or additions to the general terms and conditions must cancel reservations within 3 days from the day before the proposed effective date of the modified and / or supplemented general terms and conditions, otherwise it is considered that he/she agrees with the changes or additions to the general terms and conditions. The same applies to changes or additions in car rental service prices.


Article 23

Any disputes or disagreements in these General Terms and Conditions or in connection with their use will be resolved by the user and the agent amicably, otherwise they will be resolved at the competent court in Ljubljana.

The section headings in these general terms and conditions are inserted solely for the purpose of transparency and have no influence on the content and interpretation of individual provisions or the contract as a whole.

These general terms and conditions have been in force since 2011 and are published on internet site

Ljubljana, 25.1.2014