Car Hire Labs SA ( General Terms and Conditions

Car Hire Labs SA (Car Hire Labs) is an international vehicle rental broker. It offers vehicle rental on the basis of prepayment, prepaid rental, vehicle rental terms and conditions, and prices of all larger vehicle rental companies. The conditions vary, depending on the locations and rental companies. The most important conditions, which apply to all vehicle rentals through Car Hire Labs, are listed hereafter. Additional conditions for certain locations and rental companies are indicated during the booking process. These conditions, along with the vehicle Rental Company Terms and Conditions, represent our contract with you as the renter for our service in providing a rental vehicle. When you accept our services or sign a contract, you agree with our General Terms and Conditions.

Included in the price

Your rental of a vehicle includes standard equipment and optional features (extras) you may have selected. Details of selected options are shown in the final step of the booking process. In majority of the cases your rental also includes unlimited mileage, but some rental companies may apply limited mileage, which means there is a certain limit of miles/kilometers you are allowed to drive with your rental car during your rental period and if you exceed this mileage, then you will have to pay for extra miles/kilometers. Thus, please see the vehicle rental company terms and conditions for more details. All additional payments are according to the rental company's price list.

Not included in the price

Fuel, private accident insurance, special features and possible charges for young or additional drivers are not included in the complete booking price. The basic price does not include obligatory charges such as local taxes, sales taxes, fuel, airport charges or facility fees and licence fees, which are charged directly by the rental company and are not collected by Car Hire Labs, since they vary from location to location. During the booking process you can inquire about additional charges. All additional costs have to be paid on site. In some locations windscreens, tires, towing charges or other vehicle's parts and additional services are not covered by the insurance, and a third party insurance contract can be purchased. Please see the vehicle rental company terms and conditions for more details. An additional insurance may sometimes be necessary, if you plan to cross borders between countries.

Age limits for drivers

In most locations the minimum age for vehicle rental is 21 years. In some locations the minimum age for renting certain types of vehicles may also be higher. An additional fee may be applied by some rental companies and in some countries for drivers under the age of 25 and over the age of 65 years. If you enter the correct age of the driver during your booking request, you will be informed about possible additional charges.

Calculation of the rental price

The rental time is calculated on the basis of 24 hours  starting with the pick up time. The extension of the rental period and a delayed return of the vehicle will be calculated and charged in accordance with the local daily price (which can be higher) by the rental company.

Type and size of vehicle

Car Hire Labs is not liable if the vehicle is not suitable for all passengers or luggage. The website of provides information regarding the number of passengers in each vehicle category. Car Hire Labs is not liable in cases where the rental vehicle is not accepted at the time of the pick up or at another time, because of a lack of size. Car Hire Labs cannot guarantee a specific make and model of vehicle. The vehicle type indicated on your voucher only serves as a guide and can be replaced by alternative, similar or better models.

Provision of vehicles

Rental companies reserve the right to refuse the provision of a vehicle if the driver is considered unfit to drive or does not meet the requirements. Car Hire Labs is not liable for rearranging your journey, refunds and compensation of other costs that you, as the renter, have to pay.

Territorial restrictions

There may be restrictions with regard to the crossing of borders between countries and states. #As the renter you have to inform Car Hire Labs Customer Care during the booking process if you plan to cross borders to another country or state with the vehicle.# Additional documents may be required and local charges may be applied if you travel to a specific country.

One-way rental

One-way rentals have to be confirmed in advance and the rental companies may include an additional charge for it.# After receipt of your booking and after the one-way rental has been confirmed by the rental company, you, the renter, will be informed about the approximate costs.

Special requests

Additional options and services will be charged by the rental company. The #Car Hire Labs Customer Care will be happy to provide more information about these options. Requests about these options have to be submitted during the booking process.

Collision Damage Waiver/ Loss Damage Waiver

In certain cases, Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) reduces the excess amount the renter is still liable to pay in case of an accident. If the renter caused the damage intentionally, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the vehicle has been used in a prohibited or negligent manner, e.g. is driven on rough terrain or is subleased to other persons, the insurance is void. The CDW/LDW encompasses liabilities for damage to the vehicle or its parts and accessories. At most locations windscreens, tires, chassis, locks, spare locks, spare keys and towing costs are not covered by the insurance. Other exceptions may apply, and may vary depending on the rental company, therefore we recommend that you ask the rental company about exceptions at the time of the pick up.

Eigen Risico bescherming

Bij het afhalen van uw auto aan de balie zal het autoverhuurbedrijf u om een borg vragen, mocht de auto tijdens de huurperiode beschadigd raken. Als u, voordat de huurperiode begon, één van onze Eigen Risico Afkoop Waiver producten had gekocht, zullen we afzien van uw aansprakelijkheid en u het borgbedrag terugbetalen.


Eigen Risico Afkoop Waiver 750

Wat wordt er gedekt?

     Eigen Risico terugbetaling tot 750EUR

Wat wordt er niet gedekt?

     Persoonlijke eigendommen

     Reparaties die niet goedgekeurd zijn door het autoverhuurbedrijf
     Schoonmaakkosten of schade aan het interieur van de auto, niet veroorzaakt door botsing of ongeval
     Beschadiging of verlies van kinderzitjes, GPS-toestellen of andere "Extra" apparatuur
     Kosten onder omstandigheden die de voorwaarden van de huurovereenkomst (zoals gevaarlijk, onzorgvuldig of onachtzaam rijden, verkeerd tanken, of rijden onder de invloed van  drugs of alcohol) breken.
     Als het voertuig wordt gestolen door het verlies van de sleutels en / of documenten van het voertuig
     Beschadiging of verlies van wielen, banden, stalen wielen en / of lichtmetalen velgen, wieldoppen, windscherm, ramen, spiegels, dak en bodem

     Schade aan het voertuig als gevolg van "overmacht" (Force Majeure)


Volledige Bescherming

Wat wordt er gedekt?

     Schade aan de huurauto als gevolg van een ongeval of diefstal van de auto tijdens de huurperiode, zal worden gedekt door Car Hire Labs tot een bedrag van € 3000

     Wielen, banden
     Ramen, carrosserie, dak, onderstel, spiegels
     Eigen buiten de auto sluiten
     Gratis annulering tot 24h voor de pick-up tijd

Wat wordt er niet gedekt?

     Persoonlijke eigendommen

     Reparaties die niet goedgekeurd zijn door het autoverhuurbedrijf
     Schoonmaakkosten of schade aan het interieur van de auto, niet veroorzaakt door botsing of ongeval
     Beschadiging of verlies van kinderzitjes, GPS-toestellen of andere "Extra" apparatuur
     Kosten onder omstandigheden die de voorwaarden van de huurovereenkomst (zoals gevaarlijk, onzorgvuldig of onachtzaam rijden, verkeerd tanken, of rijden onder de invloed van  drugs of alcohol) breken.
     Als het voertuig wordt gestolen door het verlies van de sleutels en / of documenten van het voertuig

     Schade aan het voertuig als gevolg van "overmacht" (Force Majeure)



Payment can be made online with credit #cards#. ##Your credit card will be charged with the full amount at the time of the booking confirmation##. For all booking requests the credit card will only be charged after the booking is confirmed. To prevent credit card fraud, Car Hire Labs reserves the right to carry out security checks. For this purpose Car Hire Labs is entitled to withdraw from the contract at short notice, if credit card fraud is suspected.

Booking confirmation and voucher

A voucher is a receipt confirming that the named customer is entitled to a service at the indicated time and at the named location. Your voucher is normally issued within 72 hours after receipt of the booking request, #on the condition that the entire arrival information is provided included the arrival time and telephone number.# Please be aware that the confirmation of requests for certain vehicles may take more time. You will be informed about this. Car Hire Labs is not liable for rentals that are charged locally or are refused because the voucher has not been presented to the rental company at the time of picking up the vehicle. A confirmation issued by Car Hire Labs guarantees you that the requested rental vehicle category is available, however the full balance has to be paid.

The voucher has to be presented to the rental company in order to check the vehicle type, specification, dates, optional features, payment and other information.


There could be a charge from vehicle rental company side in case you change your booking details less then within 24 hours before the start of the rental period. The terms and conditions of the rental company may vary and a copy will be made available during the booking process. In some cases the booking may have to be cancelled and re-booked. Please see the vehicle rental company terms and conditions for more details. This conditions may vary depending on location.## If you want to cancel your booking, please call +44 2036 95 1096 giving your name and booking number. Your call may be recorded to ensure the quality of customer service. After the cancellation is completed, the rental company will be informed about that.

In some cases it may be necessary to change the booking (after the confirmation), either by us or by the rental company. In all such cases you, the renter, will be informed as soon as possible before the renting period. If the changes are not acceptable to you, the full amount will be refunded. However, in such cases we can not take on additional liabilities for direct or indirect expenses that may occur to you through such changes.

No refund policy

#No refund will be made, if the rental is terminated early, the pick up is delayed, if the renter fails to appear or if a cancellation is made less than 24 hours before or after the starting date of the rental period. No refund is given, if you do not have a valid driving license that is accepted by the rental company. In addition, no refund is given, if you cannot present an accepted and valid credit card for the security deposit.

Fully prepaid bookings.

As stated above.

Partial prepaid and deposit bookings.

As stated above and no refund if the amount is less than 25 EUR. Surplus only will be refunded.

Driving license

As the renter you must make sure you present your entire and valid driving license and if necessary you have to carry your travel documents (passport, ID card, etc.) with you. Drivers must present a valid driving license, whereby the right to drive must have been granted at least one (1) year prior (in some locations this period is two years, this will be indicated during the booking process). All persons who will drive the vehicle must carry their driving license at all times in order to present them to local authorities, if requested. No refunds will be made for rentals that are declined by the local rental company on the basis that no driving license is presented or endorsements (on the license) are shown. Please be aware that international driving licenses or permits can be required, but do not replace a normal driving license. If you have an international driving license, a normal driving license will still be required for the rental of vehicle.

Local deposits and fuel

Most vehicle rental companies require a deposit at the beginning of the rental period in order to cover the costs for fuel, liabilities and others items that occur during the rental period. In most cases a generally accepted credit card will be required (ask the booking centre for more information) that is issued in the name of the driver. On the condition that the vehicle and the additional accessories are returned in the same conditions as they were at the beginning of the rental period, and depending on the condition regarding fuel, the deposit will be returned when the vehicle is returned. #Please be sure to inspect the vehicle for any damage upon collection and report any problems to the local rental company before departing. #Please be aware that some local rental companies apply conditions regarding fuel, whereby you as the renter have to fill the fuel and return the vehicle with an empty tank, in which case any unused fuel will not be reimbursed.

Three different methods regarding fuel are usually used:

Please pay attention to the fuel policy in your contract in order to avoid additional costs.

Returning the rental vehicle

At the end of the rental period you have to return the vehicle to the correct location and at the agreed time without damage and in a clean condition. Please make sure you return the vehicle to the same rental company from which you picked it up.

Early return and extension of the rental period

The rental period begins and ends in accordance with the pick up and return times and dates as defined in your voucher. The rental price is confirmed during the booking process and is calculated on a 24-hour basis. If you, as the renter, want to extend the rental period after picking up the vehicle, or if you want to return it later than agreed on the voucher, an agreement about the extension is always made with the rental company directly. The local and current prices of the rental company are applied, which can be higher than the prices that you agreed on with us during the booking process. Unfortunately, Car Hire Labs cannot make refunds for vehicles that are returned earlier than agreed in the rental contract.

Technical problems

In case of technical problems with vehicle you must inform the rental company immediately. You will find the telephone number in the rental contract. The local rental company has to give its consent to repairs and replacements.


If you (as the renter) are not satisfied with the vehicle at the time of pick up, please submit your complaint to the rental company. Car Hire Labs cannot evaluate your complaint, if you report your complaint during the rental period. If for some reason you are not satisfied with provided service, let us know within 20 days after the return of the vehicle.

Contract terms with Car Hire Labs

The website only displays rental prices after the renter has sent a request. A request is made by pressing the button “complete booking”. After you have pressed the button “complete booking”, your request is received by Car Hire Labs. Car Hire Labs will confirm the request after the complete price has been paid, and will send you a voucher with the confirmation. Car Hire Labs acts as an agent for the rental company. Car Hire Labs shall be liable for damages to the renter, if the damages occur due to a violation of the contract by Car Hire Labs and if the damage as a result of this violation is foreseeable. The damage is foreseeable if it is foreseeable by the renter and by Car Hire Labs at the time when the contract is concluded. Car Hire Labs is not liable for indirect damages, which can be considered as a result of the main damage, and are not foreseeable by the renter and Car Hire Labs; furthermore, Car Hire Labs is not liable for lost profits or loss of opportunity, for the loss of company value or indirectly resulting damages.

Car Hire Labs is not directly or indirectly liable through the rental company for services not provided or provided with a delay with regards to the booking, the voucher, the rental or the General Terms and Conditions, for services not performed or performed with a delay due to Force majeure, i.e. due to events on which the concerned parties do not have a reasonable influence. If the event of Force majeure lasts for more than 14 consecutive days, Car Hire Labs can withdraw from the booking or reservation, whereby you as the renter will receive an appropriate message to your invoice e-mail address 14 days in advance, and all payments, which you made prior to the Force majeure event, will be refunded to you.

In certain cases Car Hire Labs has the right to cancel the booking at short notice or immediately, e.g. if the rental company becomes insolvent or is unable to offer services with other good reason. Car Hire Labs will do its best to provide an alternative vehicle, but during peak seasons this may not always be possible. If the customer has paid the full amount in advance, the total amount paid will be refunded to the customer.

Obligations of customers

Each customer of Car Hire Labs must have a functioning email account. This email account must be able to receive PDF attachments, for example the voucher. The customer must check and read the emails from Car Hire Labs on a regular basis. The customer must inform Car Hire Labs about his/her correct email account. Car Hire Labs is not liable for damages and costs that result from the inaction of the customer by not checking and paying attention to the emails sent to him/her by Car Hire Labs. The customer is solely responsible for the capacity of his/her email account.


As a broker, Car Hire Labs does not have control of the contract terms and conditions that are determined by the local rental company. However, Car Hire Labs is ready to offer support in order to solve problems that may arise between you and the local rental company.

Data protection and security policy

All personal data and credit card information, which is collected by our website, will be processed via a secure server with 128-bit encryption in order to protect your data. Your browser confirms that you are using a secure server by displaying a padlock below in the browser window. The padlock is closed in order to indicate that you are using a secure server. This security feature is only activated for websites where you can enter personal or payment data. In case of contacting Car Hire Labs call center, your call may be recorded to ensure quality customer service.

Sensitive data, such as personal details and credit card information, which we receive from customers, is encrypted and secured for use on the internet. Due to this protection, it cannot be read by any third party. Car Hire Labs DOES NOT store credit card details. If you choose to pay for the service using a credit card, your credit card details are not stored by us and cannot be used by our st#aff.

Personal information

The name and address of the customer, details of the booking and the email address are stored in a databank of the user servers and in the databank servers. Without your consent these data will not be passed on to persons not belonging to Car Hire Labs and will not be used or sold to such persons. The name and email address of the customer will be used by the marketing department in order to send advertisements and special offers to the customer via email.


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These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Switzerland whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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